In order to make it easier for Santharian Compendium writers and role players here is a little tool to help you calculate the age of your elf relative to a human. First select the parentage of the initial paring, then if desired you can add additional pairings to the parentage till you reach the desired mix. Once you have the desired parentage enter the target age if your character were a human, and select if the characters age should be calculated by the age they appear, or the age at which a certain level of knowladge and training would be achived. Then click the "Calculate" button, and the result will be displayed in the box below.

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An elf is of & parentage.

To begin generating your elf's parentage select a pair of mates, if they are of the same tribe select "Pure Blooded". Add additional generations as needed till you achieve the desired parentage.
NOTE: Elves of mixed parentage are generally harder to get approved!

The elf is equivalent to a human years of age by


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